• Shipments to that destination showed a rise of 2,333%, the main product was sacha inchi.
  • Natural products abroad totaled about US $ 151 million 367 thousand.

sacha inchi capsulas prensa

Shipments of natural products to South Korea experienced an astounding growth of 2,333%, adding US$ 17 million 416 thousand between January and July of this year, compared to US$ 715 thousand 719 of the same period last year. The star was sacha inchi in its various presentations (toast, snacks and oil), informed the Association of Exporters (ADEX).

The population in South Korea values ​​their health very much and it is known that the sacha inchi has a high omega content, reason why it is very demanded in that country. In the same way, its components are widely used in the cosmetic industry (protects the skin, hair and nails), which positions it as a great input.

That is why companies such as Korea’s CJ Freshway have confirmed their presence at Expoalimentaria, which will be held from September 27 to 29 and is organized by ADEX with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri), Ministry of Commerce Exterior and Tourism (Mincetur), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (RR.EE.) and PromPerú.

Export figures

ADEX said that natural products shipments totaled nearly US$ 151 million 367 thousand between January and July of this year, which means a growth of 2% over the same period last year. The main ones exported were quinoa, Brazil nuts, tara, maca, chia and sacha inchi.

The shipments of the latter product abroad totaled US$ 4 million 148 thousand, which represented a growth of 174%, aguaymanto 18% and lúcuma 17%, among others.

These products reached a total of 77 markets, leading the ranking are the US. (US$ 42 million 553 thousand) and South Korea (US$ 17 million 416 thousand), which together have a 40% share. Followed by Italy (US$ 9 million 595 thousand), Canada (US$ 7 million 191 thousand), Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany and China.

According to figures from the ADEX Data Trade Commercial Intelligence System, the first five companies that exported natural products are Alisur S.A.C., Exandal S.A., El Bosque Individual Enterprise of R. L.T.D.A., Inversiones Andinas J & V S.A.C., Villa Andina S.A.C.


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